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Norway - the mountains

Holiday in Norway

Welcome to the mountain region

With more than 300 mountains over 2,000 meters high, Norway is the country of mountains! For centuries, Norwegians have viewed the mountains as a place to relax and unwind from everyday stress. The highest mountain, Galdhøppigen, is located in Jotunheimen National Park ("Home of the Giants") at 2,469 meters. Would you have thought that this national park with its majestic, snow-capped peaks is only around 340 kilometers north of Oslo?

Preis in der Bergregion finden und buchen

Here you will find your package holiday in Norway's mountain region. Large selection of hotel rooms, apartments and cabins.

The price is calculated on the basis of desired dates and available capacity.

Holiday in Norway

Welcome to the mountain region


The Norwegian mountains, such as the Hardangervidda region or Jotunheimen, offer an impressive backdrop of majestic peaks, deep valleys, glaciers and clear mountain lakes. The landscape is breathtaking and ideal for nature lovers.

Outdoor activities

The mountain region of Norway is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts: hiking, climbing, mountain biking and fishing. There is something for everybody.

National parks

Norway has numerous national parks in the mountainous regions that help protect the natural beauty of nature. Jotunheimen National Park, for example, is the largest in the country and offers a unique alpine landscape.

Silence and seclusion

The mountain region offers peace and seclusion, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The opportunity to be in the middle of nature and enjoy the silence of the mountains makes the region an ideal place for rest and relaxation.

Holiday in Norway

Holiday destinations in the mountain region

Ferry & Stay

Summer holiday in Vrådal

from 170 € per person
Vrådal is a small, lively town in the heart of the popular holiday region of Telemark. Surrounded by two large lakes and idyllic forests and mountains, it is a holiday paradise for all nature lovers.
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Ferry & Stay

Summer holiday in Rauland

from 200 € per person
The Rauland region is nestled in a beautiful mountain landscape.
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Ferry & Stay

Summer holiday in Gausta

from 280 € per person
Gausta offers many opportunities to enjoy nature and be active from spring to autumn. Book your vacation with a cabin, an apartment or a hotel room including ferry travel with Color Line.
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Ferry & Stay

Summer holiday in Trysil

from 210 € per person
Trysil offers fantastic experiences for the whole family. From leisurely hikes in the mountains to exciting active holidays for young and old, you will find everything your heart desires here.
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Ferry & Stay

Summer Holiday in Norefjell

from 190 € per person
In Norefjell the whole family can explore the beautiful Norwegian nature. The most popular activities include cycling and hiking through scenic landscapes.
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Ferry & Stay

Summer holiday in Hovden

from 180 € per person
Hovden is a paradise for water lovers, anglers and people who love walking. Here there is plenty of opportunity to experience the wonderful nature up close.
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Ferry & Stay

Summer holiday in Hemsedal

from 150 € per person
Hemsedal offers many experiences for the whole family from spring to autumn. Regardless of whether you want to spend an active holiday or would rather just relax and unwind.
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Ferry & Stay

Summer holiday in Geilo

from 200 € per person
Geilo is full of experiences for the whole family all year round and is a perfect base for a holiday or a day trip to the fjords.
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