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Ferry from Denmark to Norway

The fastest and most efficient way to get toto reach your Norwegian holiday destination is with our modern SuperSpeed ship travelling from Hirtshals in Denmark to Larvik and Kristiansand in Norway.

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on board

Welcome on board SuperSpeed

On board SuperSpeed you will find four tax free shops, comfortable seating areas, playroom for kids and of course delicious food. Enjoy the activities and delicious food on your ferry to Norway.


Remember to bring a valid ID. Norway is introducing border controls on all ferries from Sweden, Denmark and Germany. We encourage all guests to bring their passports when checking in.

Age limits

Transport (except daytrip): 16 years
Daytrip: 20 years 

Age limits apply to travelers unaccompanied by parents/ legal guardians.


Guests with and without a vehicle should arrive at least 60 minutes before departure.


Arrivals and departures

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