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Ski in & Ski out

No car needed

Stays near the slopes

Carefree and relaxed in the morning on the slopes - this is best done without long journeys, looking for a parking space and stress with your luggage. Well-fortified after a vital breakfast, you can start right away with the winter sports fun! This is possible with accommodations with a "ski-in & ski-out" location, where you can get on your skis right outside the front door.

Ski-in & Ski-out

Some holiday homes are so well located in the terrain that you can ski directly onto the slopes and transport routes or to the ski center. This applies to experienced skiers in most places (not always suitable for children and beginners). In addition, optimal snow conditions are required, so that wind and weather do not require gravel or salting. The distance and quality of the route to the transport routes, slopes and ski centers can of course vary slightly from accommodation to accommodation depending on the location.

Leave your car in the parking lot

Your car can also go on vacation if the description of the holiday center under "Facilities" says "Park car". In this case you live in walking distance to the slopes, the ski center or maybe even right next to a transport lift. However, you should expect that the skis will have to be carried over a certain distance. This can be done over a road, through a tunnel, or over snow clearing edges.

This offers the advantage that an uncomplicated skiing holiday is possible for the whole family, without parking difficulties or skis that have to be loaded into and unloaded from the roof box several times a day.