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Safety first

Our main priority is for you to feel secure on board our ships. Please read more about your travel and the routines which will contribute to your safety.

Safe travel

Enjoy the fantastic holiday feeling on board

Your safety is important for us! We have implemented measures for disease control and prevention on board our ships and in our terminals. In addition, we have reduced the number of passengers we allow on board each sailing. You will therefore find our offers and facilities on board to be a little different from what you are used to. However, one thing has not changed; our staff’s commitment to ensuring you a joyful, relaxing, nice and safe holiday experience on board our ships.

Verified by DNV GL

Color Line is the first company in Norway to have been verified by DNV GL for the company's systems related to handling infection control on board ships and terminals.

What are Color Lines measure?

Measures and routines on board and in our terminals

We will at all times comply with the respective countries' government guidelines and regulations regarding COVID-19. Here are some of our most important measures:

In order to maintain the officially prescribed distance (1 meter in Norway and on board, 2 meters in Germany), we take fewer guests on board.

Frequent cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, handrails and elevator buttons.

Increased number of disinfection stations. We encourage all our guests to use these, or even better - wash your hands.

Distance markers on the floor in areas where people tend to gather.

A reduced number of seats in our terminals will be available in order to assist guests in keeping the social distance.

In order to meet the current rules for keeping distance, boarding and disembarkation will happen in groups, deck by deck.

If needed, we will ask our guests to leave the ship in small groups.

A reduced number of seats in our restaurants and bars in order to assist guests in keeping the social distance.

All of our employees have undergone infection control courses.

Information containing travel advice and pre-emptive measures.

All Color Line ships have an air condition system which constantly supply fresh air - the air is not recycled.

The authorities' health and safety guidelines have been changed. We now offer buffets again on our ships, with carefully adapted routines. See our routines here:


All orders and service (except our buffet service) will be handled by our staff at your table in the restaurants and in the bars on board our cruise ships.

When booking a travel with Color Line, all passengers must, as part of the process, confirm that they have read and understood a health declaration stating that they and the group they are travelling with, do not have symptoms of COVID-19, nor have been in close contact with anyone who are infected. Passengers must also confirm that they are familiar with and will follow the governments measures for disease control and prevention. See the self declaration

Everyone must pass the automatic temperature scanner. The scanner indicates individuals with temperatures of 37.5 °C or more. If this is the case, a control measurement is performed. If this shows more than 38 °C, you can unfortunately not travel with us. Read more about the temperature scanner.

To ensure our passengers a safe journey, Color Line has now introduced requirements for the use of face masks on board our ships and in the terminals. All passengers over the age of 12 must therefore wear a face mask during the entire crossing, except when consuming food and drink, and when driving on board and ashore. We encourage everyone to bring a face mask, but it will also be possible to buy this at the reception on board and at check-in.

The Norwegian health authorities recommend that anyone who has symptoms or who suspects they have been in contact with an infected person, and anyone who has been in a “red country”, be tested for Covid-19 when arriving in Norway. Click here for further information. Please contact the reception on board the ship if you wish to be tested. For more information see our screens on board.

Color Line is obliged to ensure that our passengers can comply with quarantine rules . See our guidelines for guest travelling to Norway from abroad here If you have to be quarantined on board, and therefore not able to enjoy your pre-ordered on board products (for example pre-ordered meals), we will refund the amount. Please contact our customer service after disembarking (telephone + 47 22 94 42 00)


Frequently asked questions


When can we travel to Norway?

Travel restrictions to Norway have been updated for several countries, such as Germany. For this reason the passenger travel from Kiel to Oslo has to be stopped temporarily from August 28th on. Please find further information here

Are all the shops and facilities open on board?

All tax-free shops are open. However, the regulations for disease control and prevention will influence some of our offers on board. You will find that some will be a bit different from what you are used to, and others might be completely closed.

Will the evening shows be playing in Show Lounge?

Yes! However, in order to welcome as many guests as possible, allowing more space between each group of people, we will now have three daily shows. Everyone who wish to enjoy the show must pre-book a table.

Which activities will be open for the children during the summer?

There will be the kids show with Captain Kid. Our youth activity crew will entertain children with our fun filled activities in safe surroundings. In Adventure Planet every other game will be available and open for use. Aqualand will be open, but we encourage all guest to book in advance as their is limited number og entries available. Playrooms and Teen Plaza are temporarily closed and will open as soon as the guidelines will allow us to do so.

Frequently asked questions


Do I need to wear a face mask?

To ensure our passengers a safe journey, Color Line has now introduced requirements for the use of face masks on board our ships and in the terminals. All passengers over the age of 12 must therefore wear a face mask during the entire crossing, except when consuming food and drink, and when driving on board and ashore. We encourage everyone to bring a face mask, but it will also be possible to buy this at the reception on board and at check-in.

Can I travel to Norway?

Please mind the updated travel restrictions to Norway for several countries. You find information about the updated travel restrictions and openings here.

Further information can also be found here.

Do you wish to combine several destinations and/or add overnight stays to your travel?

On our website you can only choose one destination combined with your booking. Should you wish to add new destinations, or need to add to your current booking, please contact our service center on telephone +47 22 94 42 00, and they will assist you in making the arrangements.

Are the Tax-Free shops open?

The tax free market is open. A limited number of guests can be in the shop at the same time. The opening times on board SuperSpeed ​​1 + 2 have been temporarily changed.

What will you serve in the restaurants on board?

We offer warm dishes in our café Fly me to the Moon. More information about meals onboard here:


Are there any changes in Voyager and Business Class?

In Voyager and Business Class we will have reduced capacity and some of the seats will be unavailable. Passengers travelling together from the same household will be able to sit together. We urge everyone to keep a safe distance from each other. Business Class is temporarily closed.

What should you do?

Be considerate

Help us prevent infection and disease. Together we can get back to normal as soon as possible. This is what we expect from you:

Keep your distance - at least one metre apart

Wash your hands regularly - or use hand sanitizer

Avoid coughing or sneezing on others - use your elbow or tissue

Upon arrival in Norway you will receive a text message on your phone from the Norwegian health authorities with a link to information on how to get tested for covid-19 as well as rules for travel-quarantine. Travellers are requested to read the content in the link. If you get sick or have symptoms, self-isolate and call 116 117 for testing.

Use a payment card - avoid using cash if possible

Avoid touching items in our shops - unless you intend to purchase them

If you are ill or have been in contact with  anyone sick, especially those with respiratory symptoms, do not travel

Be at the terminal when stated and follow instructions that are given.

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