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Restaurants and bars on SuperSpeed 2

Catch me if you can

Buffet restaurant

Welcome to our buffet restaurant on deck 8. Now you can once again  enjoy a generous buffet filled with hot and cold dishes, a variety of desserts and a children's buffet.


If you are travelling in the morning, we recommend you to start your journey with a delicious breakfast. In our buffet restaurant, you'll find bacon, scrambled eggs, all kinds of toppings, fresh rolls, cereals and lots more. Coffee, tea, milk and juice are included.


For lunch, we serve both hot and cold dishes. Mineral water, coffee, tea, beer and wine are included. And maybe you'll be tempted to have an ice cream or a homemade cake as a dessert?


Why not start your afternoon journey with a proper dinner? Try our tempting buffet filled with fresh seafood, succulent meat, fish dishes and a delicious salad buffet. Don't forget to stop by the dessert table. Here you will find ice cream, homemade chocolate pudding, delicious cakes and much more. Mineral water, coffee, tea, beer and wine are also included.

Opening hours

The buffet restaurant opens when the ship leaves the dock. You can help yourself at the buffet until 45 minutes before arrival. (Departure 22:15 - restaurant closes at 24:00)

Please note: The buffet is unfortunately closed on departure at 20:45 from Hirtshals.

Fly Me To The Moon


Enjoy delicious warms in the cafe on board, centrally located in the ship. Meal vouchers must be purchased at reception deck 7 and delivered at the café.


Fly Me To The Moon is a self-service café. This the place to go if you fancy a quick and casual meal. Choose between a small, intimate table or a larger dining table for the entire family.

Location: The café is located in the middle of the ship on deck 8, in close vicinity to the shops and seating lounges.

Opening hours: Fly Me To The Moon opens shortly after departure and closes before arrival.


Lounge and bar

If you want to relax and enjoy the view during the crossing this is the perfect place for you. Sit back in the comfortable sofas or have a chat at the bar while the ship is cruising over the ocean.

Our Bluefins bar is very spacious and modern. Large windows run across the entire bar, so no matter where you sit - you are guaranteed a view of the sea! Especially during the afternoon crossings, it is a perfect place to watch the sunset.

The beverage menu includes a wide selection of drinks, both well-known and popular Color Line-drinks, but also timeless classics. You can also order a draft beer, a glass of wine or bottled.

Location: Aft, deck 7 and 8

Opening hours: The bar opens when the ship leaves the dock and stays open until arrival.

Age limit: Fridays and Saturdays in the off-season, you must be 18 or over to get entrance to The Bluefins Lounge & Bar.


Book a table

On popular crossings the restaurant may be fully booked. We recommend you reserve a table in advance either when booking your trip or via telephone +45 99 56 19 00


We offer both gluten-free and lactose-free meals, please contact one of our waiters for more information.

Keep your seat

If you book a seat in the buffet restaurant, you can keep the seat for the entire crossing. Meaning that you can come and go as you like.