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Take your vehicle onboard

Important information if you would like to take your vehicle on our ships on routes between Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Take your vehicle onboard

Before, during, and after the crossing


All vehicles must be booked according to overall height and length, including roof box, antenna, roof hatch, trailer hitch, bicycle rack, etc. This also applies to trailers of all types and caravans.


Travelers with special needs who require a specific space on the car deck must notify this during car check-in (e.g. location near a wheelchair elevator.). Please be at the port on time.

Gas containers and gas-powered vehicles

The main supply for gas on caravans, mobile homes and the like must be closed before boarding, and during the crossing. Access to the container must be unlocked so that containers can be removed in the event of a fire. As confirmation that the gas has been disconnected/closed, access (e.g. hatch, door, valve) will be marked by Color Line. It is not permitted to transport loose cans of fuel in vehicles. If this type of freight is required, Color Line Cargo must be contacted. Gas-powered cars on LPG, Hydrogen or Biogas can be transported in the same way as other vehicles. Propane and butane gas for private use (e.g. for camping purposes) can be included in cylinders of up to 2 kg. (excluding the weight of gas containers). For larger volumes, Color Line Cargo must be contacted.

Driving onboard

The road traffic regulations also apply to terminals and ships. Everyone in the car must wear a seatbelt and motorcyclists must wear a helmet.

- For you as the driver, the mobile phone is taboo while driving.
- Please note that the ground can be slippery, especially on the car deck.
- The vehicle is parked on the car deck with the gear engaged and the handbrake on.
- Smoking is strictly prohibited on the car deck.

Follow the instructions of our staff and crew. For safety reasons, loading does not take place in the order in which the vehicles arrived at the quay. Prepare your car as well as possible, i.e. have the luggage you need for the crossing ready, e.g. medication, children's equipment, etc. On the car deck, go straight to the stairs. Be careful where you step when walking from the vehicle to the stairs. Keep an eye on people who need help.

During the crossing

Staying on the car deck during the crossing is not permitted. The doors to the car deck are locked. Everything you need during the crossing must be taken with you when you leave the vehicle. Remember where you parked. All vehicles are parked and secured according to the load securing plan.

Power supply

For safety reasons, private vehicles on the car deck may not be connected to external power sources (220V). If you have a cool box or similar in your vehicle (car, trailer, etc.), you can NOT connect it during the crossing. Alternatively, you can use the ship's own freezers on board Color Magic and Color Fantasy. The transport of your refrigerated goods to the freezers is your responsibility.