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Before departure

Here are some of the things that are useful to know before your departure with Color Line.

Travel documents

All travellers must hold a valid identity card or passport, which must be produced upon request.

The traveller is responsible for compliance with any passport, visa, customs, foreign currency and health regulations. Passengers are liable for any costs that arise because their entry was denied. All vehicles must have a nationality code. Travellers travelling by car will need a green insurance card and vehicle registration papers. The person using the vehicle is encouraged to contact his/her insurance company prior to departure to obtain information on the most recent regulations for the vehicle when travelling abroad.

Luggage & Cargo

Per passenger, up to 50 kg of baggage or 0.5 m3, in addition to luggage kept in the vehicle, may be brought on board.

Furniture, boxes, oversize suitcases, etc. are treated as cargo. For this, the corresponding freight rate is to be paid.

Color Line assumes no liability for money, securities, and other valuables, including gold, silver, precious stones, jewellery, art work, etc., unless they were received by Color Line for safekeeping.


Kiel - Oslo:
Guests without vehicles should arrive no later than 60 minutes before departure. Guests with vehicles should arrive no later than 120 minutes before departure.

Denmark - Norway:
Guests with and without a vehicle should arrive at least 60 minutes before departure.

Each individual driver is responsible for ensuring that his/her vehicle is parked in the allotted space and secured with the handbrake in the lowest gear and properly locked.

Color Line has the right to refuse passengers entry to the vessel or to place them on land during the trip if, in the opinion of the captain, the passenger is unsuitable for the voyage or poses a danger to that person's own safety or to the other persons on board.

The departure and arrival times specified in the timetable can change due to weather-related or technical reasons. Thus, no liability is assumed in this respect.