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Travelling with pets and animals

It's possible to bring pets on board. The pet must stay in the car or in the cage on the car deck for the duration of the crossing. As the owner you are responsible for supervision of the pet. It is not allowed to bring the pet into public areas or cabins.

All transport of animals takes place at the owner's responsibility and risk. There are different guidelines for the transport of pets (e.g. dogs, cats and rabbits) and other animals (e.g. horses and cows).


Travelling with pets

Pets must be in the car or in a crate in a designated place on the ship during the entire crossing. As the owner, you yourself are responsible for supervising the pet, as well as ensuring that this does not cause a nuisance to other guests.

In general

It is not permitted to bring pets into the ships' common areas or cabins for the sake of other travellers.

We recommend that a vet is consulted well in advance of the journey to ensure that the necessary conditions for bringing pets to Norway are met. Please note, that all dogs, cats and ferrets must have their own travel documents to/from EU/EEA countries and you can get more information by contacting the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. See also rules for entering Norway with a dog or cat here.

The air on the car deck is continuously renewed. The temperature of the car deck is not regulated, so it can be cold in winter and hot in summer. It is the owner's responsibility to assess the dog's welfare and ensure satisfactory air access and enough drinking water during the crossing.

It is not possible to travel with pets on the 2-day Cruise to Oslo.

Please note! New rule for treatment of dogs

On 1 January 2017, the requirement for the treatment of dogs to be included on trips abroad was changed. It is now no longer possible to treat dogs against fox tapeworm once in Norway before short trips abroad. Read more at

Travels between Germany and Norway

Travel information

  • Pets are not allowed in the cabin.
  • The ship has space for a maximum of 10 dogs, in cages on the car deck (own kennel).
  • Food bowls and water bowls are available on board.
  • The dog can be in the car.
  • Cats and other pets must be in the car.
  • The crossing takes 20 hours.
  • Food and poop bags must be brought.
  • The dog can leave the car/crate in the kennel at set visiting times.
  • Only one person per animal during visiting hours. Visiting time is 15 minutes.
  • No goods or luggage can be brought to car deck when visiting the pet.
  • The contact person on the car deck is the mate on duty.
  • The dog can relieve itself on the car deck, the owner cleans up afterwards.

Practical information Germany-Norway

Crate sizes onboard Color Fantasy

8 crates B 100 cm H 110 cm L 145 cm
2 crates B 95 cm H 70 cm L 145 cm

Crate sizes onboard Color Magic

5 crates B 100 cm H 110 cm L 140 cm
5 crates B 100 cm H 80 cm L 140 cm


pet in crate 65 € per way
pet in car 55 € per way

Visiting hours

17:00, 20:30 and 07:15

Travels between Denmark and Norway

Travel information

  • The ship has room for a maximum of 7 dogs in the ship's dog cage in the kennel.
  • Food bowls and water bowls are available on board.
  • The dog can stay in three places during the crossing; in the vehicle, in the kennel (in a cage) or outside on deck.
  • If you want to bring the dog outside on deck you have to select «Pets in car» when you book your journey.
  • Cats and other pets must remain in the vehicle.
  • You are allowed to take your dog with you outside on deck. You must stay with the dog during the entire crossing
  • Food and poop bags must be brought.
  • If the dog stays in the kennel or in the vehicle it has to remain there during the entire crossing.
  • You can visit your dog during the crossing, visitor hours are posted in the reception on deck 7.
  • Pets are not allowed in the ships' common areas.
  • The dog can relieve itself in the kennel, the owner cleans up afterwards.

Practical information Denmark-Norway

Crate sizes SuperSpeed 1

Min. 100x70x80
Max. 100x70x100

Crate sizes SuperSpeed 2

Min. 70x50x95
Max. 100x75x100


In the dog crate in the ship's kennel 14 € per way.
In the car 8 € per way.

Visiting hours

Please agree individual visiting hours with the reception.

Travels between Sweden and Norway

Travel information

  • No limit on the number of dogs/pets
  • 13 fixed dog cages in a separate dog room on deck 9
  • Water bowls and food bowls can be found in the dog room.
  • The dog owner can be out on deck with the dog in a limited area outside the dog room.
  • Dogs can be in the car, but cannot leave the car during the crossing.
  • Cats and other pets are treated in the same way as dogs.
  • Pets are not allowed in the ships' common areas.
  • The contact person on the car deck is the chief mate on duty.
  • The crossing takes 2.5 hours.

Take the dog out on deck

There is a limited outdoor area outside the kennel on deck 9 for those who wish to have their dog out on deck.

Practical information Sweden-Norway

Crate size onboard Color Hybrid

B 65 cm, H 100 cm, L 80 cm

Visiting hours

It is not possible to visit the dog in a car during the crossing.


Dogs in crates or in the car are free of charge.

Travelling with guide and/or service assistance dogs

Visually impaired or blind passengers may travel without a companion and are allowed to bring guide and/or service assistance dogs to selected types of cabins. These dogs are allowed in most public areas on board. The number of dogs allowed per sailing is limited.

If you  need information about security measures or the ship in general, please contact the reception on board. For information about appropriate routes for walking a guide dog please contact the reception on board.

We ask passengers travelling with guide and/or service assistance dogs show consideration to persons with allergies. It is free of charge to bring a guide and/or service assistance dog. For booking, please contact our Customer center via telephone: +49 40 381096 9113.

Other animals e.g. horses and cattle

  • Larger animals must be transported in a suitable trailer.
  • Necessary veterinary documents must be brought with you.
  • Minimum of one pet sitter per 2 animals.
  • Tranquilizers must be brought (if necessary).
  • Time for supervision of the animal should be agreed at the time of loading. Not possible on the route Sandefjord-Strømstad.
  • In special weather conditions, it is the captain who decides whether it is safe to bring live animals.
  • For trucks with animals, contact our Cargo department on phone 22 94 44 44
  • Horse-drawn vehicles with and without horses (where the animal is on the vehicle itself), contact the Cargo department on 22 94 44 44.
  • Passenger cars with horse-drawn trailers can be ordered via customer service center +49 431 7300 100.
  • Anyone traveling with larger animals must visit the cargo department and customs to declare papers.