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Show Lounge

Every night you can see spectacular shows in Color Magic and Color Fantasy's Show Lounge. Every night, our musical artists perform a fireworks display of dance, music, colors and the joy of playing. All guests must reserve a table. Welcome inside!

Remember to book your table in advance

If you wish to enjoy the show, you must reserve a table in advance. You can easily do this when you book your crossing on our website. Choose between VIP-package or table reservation. Remaining seats are sold for tonight's show inside  the Show Lounge (on starboard side) from 16:00 to 17:00. It is possible to pay by card. You can also reserve a table for groups. Limited number of tables available.


Get the best view of the show! The offer is valid for up to 4 people at one table, and you can choose from four different packages: Champagne, white wine (Sancerre), red wine (Ripasso) and beer.
Price 74 € per table
Standard table for 4 people

Table reservation

Reserve a table for up to 4 people.
price: 9,90 € per table

Single seats at available capacity

Tickets for single seats for the same day can be purchased in the Show Lounge from 1600 to 1630.

Opening hours

Show starts at 1730 (during school holidays only)

The doors open: 1700 for guests who have booked a table in advance 1715 for guests who have booked VIP tables.

Show starts at 1900 (during school holidays 1915)

The doors open: 1830 for guests who have booked a table in advance 1845 for guests who have booked VIP tables

Show starts at 2100

The doors open: 2030 for guests who have booked a table in advance 2045 for guests who have booked VIP tables


The show lasts for 50 minutes (35 minutes during holidays).

Opening hours after last show

2130 - 2200 (2400 when busy)

What´s on

Our four shows

Color Magic and Color Fantasy each have two different shows, one is performed from Kiel to Oslo and the other is performed from Oslo to Kiel.

Passions of Italy (Kiel-Oslo)

Ciao! We are ready to go on a journey to Bella Italia! From the masked carnival singers, the gondolas in Venice and the streets of Sicily, to the Opera House in Verona and the Colosseum in Rome. We celebrate art, music, passion and italian warmth. With the classic "'O sole mio", soothing tones from Ed Sheran, classic rock from AC/DC and modern hits from Ariana Grande and Pink, we will embark on a musical journey of fireworks, love and romance. Have you packed your bags yet?

Where: Color Fantasy

The Showbiz Ball (Oslo-Kiel)

This is your invitation to the big Showbiz Ball! When you arrive at our show palace, look forward to catchy music by great artists, classic rock songs, highlights from popular musicals, tributes to Queen from the film "Bohemian Rhapsody" - and perhaps the greatest "guilty pleasure" of all: the Eurovision Song Contest. Join us for a spectacular showbiz experience that will put you in a good mood!

Where: Color Fantasy

Euphoria (Kiel-Oslo)

Take part in the energy and excitement of our brand new production, Euphoria. High caliber vocals combine with modern dance and exquisite cirque performances. We open with the title track "Euphoria" and embark on a varied musical journey with tracks such as "Born This Way", "Total Eclipse of the Heart", "Let's Go Crazy" and "Higher Love".

Where: Color Magic


Move It (Oslo-Kiel)

The show that moves you - and that makes you want to move! We offer stages that include classic hits like "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi and "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" from the iconic film Dirty Dancing, to contemporary pop with "Dance Monkey" and " Moves like Jagger". Don't miss the opportunity to join us in the finale!

Where: Color Magic