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Show Lounge

Every night you can see spectacular shows in Color Magic and Color Fantasy's Show Lounge. Every night, our musical artists perform a fireworks display of dance, music, colors and the joy of playing. All guests must reserve a table. Welcome inside!

Remember to book your table in advance

If you wish to enjoy the show, you must reserve a table in advance. You can easily do this when you book your crossing on our website. Choose between VIP-package or table reservation.


Get the best view of the show! The offer is valid for up to 4 people at one table, and you can choose from four different packages: Champagne, white wine (Sancerre), red wine (Ripasso) and beer.
Price 76.10 € per table
Standard table for 4 people

Table reservation

Reserve a table for up to 4 people.
Price 12.30 € per table

Single seats at available capacity

Anyone who wants to see a show must reserve a table in advance. Remaining seats are sold in the Show Lounge from 16.00-16.30 (during school holidays the remaining places are sold 30 minutes before the start of the show).

Opening hours

Show starts at 1730 (during school holidays only)

The doors open: 17:00 for guests who have booked a table in advance 17:15 for guests who have booked VIP tables.

Show starts at 1900 (during school holidays 1915)

The doors open: 18:30 for guests who have booked a table in advance 18:45 for guests who have booked VIP tables

Show starts at 2100

The doors open: 20:30 for guests who have booked a table in advance 20:45 for guests who have booked VIP tables


The show lasts for 50 minutes (35 minutes during holidays).

Opening hours after last show

21:30 - 22:00 (24:00 when busy)

What´s on

Our four shows

Color Magic and Color Fantasy each have two different shows, one is performed from Kiel to Oslo and the other is performed from Oslo to Kiel.

Movie Memories (Kiel—Oslo):

Screens surround us everywhere we go and have become an important part of our lives. In this show, we want to go back to the time when we only watched one screen at a time and the stories from the cinema excited, engaged and inspired us. We sat down in the dark with popcorn and drinks and immersed ourselves in the film's magical universe. The songs made us dream, laugh and cry, awakened our imaginations and gave us the courage to follow our ambitions and dreams.

Where: Color Fantasy

Magic Mystery Tour (Oslo-Kiel):

We take you on a world tour of iconic places of music and popular culture. The first stops are Liverpool and The Beatles, before we continue our journey to Las Vegas, the Brandenburg Gate, Nashville's Grand Ole Opry, the Gardens of Florence and beautiful Norwegian fjords. Songs by Tina Turner, Dolly Parton, Michael Bublé, ABBA, Europe and Vamp are among the favorite music we share with you.

Where: Color Fantasy

Speakeasy (Kiel-Oslo)

The Great Gatsby, illegal bars, glamorous parties and new trends in music, dance, hairstyles and fashion - we travel 100 years back in time, to the roaring twenties, when "everything" was allowed except drinking alcohol... This However, this did not prevent the emergence of some illegal clubs, the so-called “speakeasy”.

Where: Color Magic


Picturesque (Oslo-Kiel)

Join us for a captivating performance that celebrates the world of creativity and artistic expression in a sweeping historical setting. We embark on an entertaining journey to some of the most important visual artists in contemporary history - including Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh and Salvador Dalí.

Where: Color Magic