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Shopping on board SuperSpeed 1


Duty free on SuperSpeed 1

On board SuperSpeed 1 you can choose between a large selection of duty free products such as clothes, groceries, accessories, gifts, souvenirs, wine and tobacco.

Alcohol, tobacco and sweets

Taxfree Market

In the Taxfree Market you will find a large range of products in alcohol, tobacco, food, chocolate and other sweets - all at favorable prices.

The experienced staff is ready to answer your questions about the difference between XO and VSOP, and give you advice about which wine that goes with certain foods.

Clothes, shoes and electronics

Color Shop

The Color Shop carries clothing for both men, women and children, shoes, electronics, music / movies, watches, jewellery and various tourist articles. 

We carry well-known brands such as Vero Moda, VaVite, Alvo, Name It, Converse and others.

Color Shop is the perfect store to find a gift for that special someone. This is also where you will find a large selection of children's toys and clothes. 

Selection of fine food

Deli Shop

The Deli Shop offers seasonal delicacies and exclusive basis items such as olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh cheeses, spice blends, marmalades and hams.

You will also find classic items such as tenderloin, serrano and parma ham and chorizo.

We use reputable suppliers who provide us with the season's most popular items. Some suppliers are Norwegian, while others come from more exotic countries.

All items are carefully selected to maintain the you expect high quality to find in a deli.

Fashion and accessories

Fashion Shop

Our Fashion Shop offers good prices on clothing, jewellery, watches, and other popular branded articles.

Click image to open gallery.

You will always receive 30% off both, clothes and accessories, and season's novelties, compared to prices in Norway.

Opening hours

The store opens 15 minutes after departure and closes 15 minutes before arrival.

Boarding card

All guest are required to show their boarding pass when shopping duty free products.


All shops are located on deck 7.